Teacher Finding MAP Auto Service Helpful

December 31, 2012

From time to time, we get Motorist fans that write us letters and share their gratitude for this non-profit service. We are always very happy to get these letters, because our service is for you!

This time we got one from a teacher talking about her students finding Motorist.org to be helpful for their research.

Here is her note...

Good Afternoon,

Just sending a quick email to say thank you for your web page?http://motorist.org/resources?. A few of my high school students came across it while doing research for their personal health and safety projects.? Because so many of my students will soon be driving, if not already, I thought it would be a useful and practical lesson for them to look into the issues of driving and car safety.? Although for most of them, this is just a class exercise for now, there will eventually come a day when they will need this real world knowledge and experience.? We found some of the information on your page very helpful and I didn't think it would hurt to pass along the positive feedback! :)

Best Wishes,



Thank you Cassandra! We are happy your students found our website helpful.