How to File a Vehicle Safety Complaint

December 5, 2013

How to File a Vehicle Safety Complaint

Did you know that automotive repair technicians play a large role in supporting vehicle safety investigations that result in hundreds of recalls per year? If you suspect a safety problem with a vehicle that comes to your shop for service, you can do something about it. The U.S. Department of Transportation?s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) relies on repair shop and consumer complaints to identify potential vehicle safety defects.


NHTSA is responsible for collecting and analyzing vehicle and equipment safety complaints for potential recalls?in addition to all of its other work awarding 5-Star Safety Ratings, improving child safety and fuel economy, and promoting programs to limit drunk and distracted driving. In fact, NHTSA is the only U.S. agency authorized to take vehicle-related consumer complaints and investigate them, potentially leading to a vehicle recall.


Filing a complaint is easy to do at, using NHTSA?s SaferCar mobile app, or by calling (888) 327-4236.


To file a complaint, you will need the following information:

?         Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

  • Make, model, model year of your vehicle
  • Incident date
  • Incident details (Was there a crash, fire, or injury/fatality?)
  • Affected part(s) of your vehicle
  • A written description of the incident
  • Contact information


Don?t worry, your contact information is only used for potential follow up on your safety concern and will never be shared with the public. In the case of an investigation or recall, it may be shared with the vehicle manufacturer. If you want to remain anonymous, insert ?Auto Technician? as your name.


Do your part to keep our roads safe, and file your safety complaint!