Tips For Keeping Up With Vehicle Recalls

In 2010 Toyota had over 2 million vehicle recalls! You hear about vehicle recalls all the time in the newspaper, on the Internet, as well as on tv.

The NHTSA , National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, is responsible for investigating consumer complaints regarding specific vehicles and problems associated with them.

After several consumers have reported the same or similar problem to the NHTSA for the same model vehicle an investigation is launched. The point of the NHTSA investigation is to determine whether the consumer caused the problem or malfunction in some way or if the manufacturer of the vehicle is at fault.

If at fault, the car manufacturers are required to send out letters informing owners of these vehicles of the recall, regardless of whether it is a major or minor event. On average about one third of the owners of the recalled vehicles chose to take their car in for the needed repairs.

According to a report issued August 2011 by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), just 70 percent of recall repairs on cars and trucks are completed within an 18-month time frame.

Why is this? Some people may think that if they are not experiencing any problems the recall only affects other cars, and not theirs.

If any problem happens after the recall then it is the owners fault because they were given the information and allowed to fix the problem free of charge.

As long as car manufacturers report the recall and inform owners of the vehicles as they are required to do by law, it is up to the consumer to take advantage of the recall and have their automobile fixed.

Search by year, make, and model of any vehicle to see if yours is listed.

Regardless of whether or not you believe you are driving a safe car we recommend you check here every 6 months for an updated listing.

Don?t fall into the two thirds of individuals who never respond to the recall. Instead, head to your nearest MAP auto repair center so we can make the free repairs to your vehicle. 

The good news is that if there is something wrong with your car, checking your vehicle for recalls is a wise thing to do. If your car is on the list, your repair could be free! You could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Many millions of Americans each year take their cars to the mechanic for a basic repairs, assuming something went wrong and they simply need to fix it. Unfortunately, many of these individuals never check to see if the problem was due to a recall and end up paying for a repair that might be free or discounted by the automobile manufacturer.

Every year millions of cars are recalled, it is our wish that you do not take your own safety for granted, especially if the repair for the recalled vehicle is free.

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