The Future Of Car Repair Shops

In the past few years, development, production, and demand for hybrid cars has increased at an enormous rate.

For the car repair shop industry, all the new technology is requiring technicians to become much more educated if they want to stay up to date in this business.

Since the vast majority of vehicles on the road, are not hybrids, massive change will not happen overnight.

The cars currently on the market may already seem like technological masterpieces, the Vehicle manufacturers are continuing to develop and improve new vehicles with features that improve fuel efficiency, performance and appearance.

These future hybrid cars utilize the best in our available technology to create cars that will appeal to a vast array of people. The greatest increase in purchasing and production of hybrid cars has been in sedans, coupes, and SUVs, particularly in hybrid versions of cars that already exist.

Hybrid vehicles on the road is still less than 5%, so it may not seem like very many cars, but the demographic is changing.  Hybrid vehicles have improved not only in performance, but also in their appearance and cost. These lowered prices are attracting people of all types ranging from environmentalists to soccer moms and executives.

With gas prices going up, many car manufacturers are increasing their production and selection of hybrid cars. Is it possible that hybrid cars will also become obsolete if technology allows us to move away from gasoline and into purely alternative energy sources like hydrogen or ethanol? Only time will tell...

In the short term, as long as car repair shops multitask between training and service they will be ok. In the long term, they will have to work hard to stay up to date with all the new innovations under the hood. By 2020, it is quite possible that these auto technicians may have to be just as nerdy and tech savvy as today?s best computer programmers!
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